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Wilmington Branch

At Land Home Financial Wilmington, we absolutely love to help people realize their home dreams. Offices of Pete Etters and team are single-focused on accomplishing what is required to get every person approved and into their new home. Through our proven record, individuals and families that we have helped are grateful for all that we do to assist them.

Part of our story lies within the hearts of those benefitting from our dedication to their lives, from the day they decide to start looking for a home to the moment they take the keys to their new place! Life is a journey and goes by fast – it’s meant to be enjoyed and lived to the fullest every moment of breath.

Verified 5-Star Google Review RatingsAllow us to be part of your story – hear from others below that have experienced the difference in a true Direct Community Lender. We look forward to hearing your story…

“I’ve done a lot of business in my lifetime and I can easily say that I’ve NEVER had the level of service that Pete Etters has extended to my family and myself. From the first “hello” to the “congratulations, your a new home owner”, Pete is absolutely the best!!!”

— Scott B.

“When I first contacted Pete I knew I was giving him a handful. I had recently stopped working with Veterans Home United as they were not prompt to respond and provided little guidance. With that said Pete was very patient and helpful in getting us to where we needed to be with our Veteran’s Loan. He gives great advice and plans ahead. I will be telling anyone I know in the market to call Pete! I am truly very thankful it was Pete we did business with. 10/10 recommend.”

— Brian Johnson

“Pete was always there to answer any questions that I had. He helped explain everything in our home mortgage loan while we went through the process.”

— Carlton

“Quick turn around! With our home loan application, a few emails, 3 fax, and closed on dream home, what else could you ask for? Also, Pete’s assistance with our down payment helped so much.”

— Johnesha W.

“Pete really took the time to assess my home mortgage situation; a task most of the bigger lenders would not and did not take the time to do. I had a fixable blemish on my credit report that we assessed together, and Pete gave advice and made recommendations to efficiently fix it. A few weeks later, my score was way up because of the moves I made per Pete. It made a world of difference in the rate I was able to obtain. Pete is professional, timely, and extremely knowledgeable.”

— Tyler H.

“Pete was great at keeping ahead of home loan paperwork and was always open to call and explain any questions. He is a great person to work with and I would refer him to anyone.”

— Patrick

“Pete’s communication helped me meet the needs of my home loan. I much appreciated how he included me into the details of what was required. It shows his level of commitment to me as a customer.”

— James

“As a first time home buyer, he made everything simple for me. Anytime I had a question about my home loan I would hear back 5 minutes later at most. Pete is a great guy!”

— Dylan

“Pete went above and beyond to help me get the home of my dreams. He also always made sure I understood everything he was saying about our home mortgage. I will 100% always recommend him, to friends and family!”

— Gracie

“Pete was wonderful to work with on our home loan and made everything about buying this house easy and understandable. I would recommend him to anyone that is looking to buy a house in the future.”

— Darrell